Liveryman Element Trimmer

Liveryman Element Trimmer

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This is a powerful cordless trimmer. It is quiet, with low vibrations and it is easy to use.  It's been around for years and has a very loyal following!

The blade has a ceramic top and is not designed to be resharpened.  It gives a close trim, but extra length can be achieved by using the attachment combs (also called Lifters) that come in 4 sizes and can trim hair from between 3 to 12 mm.

This trimmer runs for 60 minutes on a fully battery and takes 8 hours to fully recharge.  It can also run from the mains and has a long 3m cord.


Powerful cord/cordless trimmer designed for heavy duty use

Ergonomic design for comfortable grip with minimal hand fatigue
Break resistant housing, contoured to fit your hand
Powerful carbon brush motor
Designed to last for years
Attachment combs in 4 sizes from 3 to 12 mm (1/8'' to 1/2'')
Light weight, low noise, low vibration, cool running blade
Detachable Titanium/Ceramic blade set for long lasting performance
Unique charging stand with a 180 swivel base that can turn the plug toward the nearest wall socket

  • The hand piece measures 13cm from the tip of the blade to the base of the clipper
  • main grip point measures 13.5cm in circumference
  •  Weight: 230g


What we say:  A good basic trimmer that is comfortable to use.  

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