Liveryman Red Rocket

Liveryman Red Rocket

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Price:  £275.99 (£229.99 Exc. VAT)
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* Extremely quiet and ideal for nervous horses
* Very low vibration
* Strong 90 permanent magnet motor
* Medium duty
* Narrow body
* Cool running

The Red Rocket is exceptionally quiet and smooth and you would struggle to find a quieter mains powered clipper. Additionally the slim handle is comfortable to hold and the soft  non slip grip is an intelligent addition. The 90 watt permanent magnet motor is very capable of all the toughest clipping jobs.

This Clipper uses the "Heiniger"  type blades Liveryman A102 and not the Liveryman A2 blades.

Comes with:
Clipper , A102 blade , Oil , Brush , Hard Case

We Say:  This clipper has grown on us!  It is exceptionally quiet, 90w is plenty of power for all but the most busy yard. The handle is well balanced and slim in the grip area. Because of the blade type it uses the Red Rocket has a very low vibration and is well suited to nervous horses. Yes, it is more expensive than some other models but quality does cost a little more.

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