M4 Mains Energiser - up to 15km

M4 Mains Energiser - up to 15km

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M4 240v Electric Fencing Energiser


Simple to install

  • Simple to use
  • Cheap to run (4w)
  • 2 yr warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 Joule Input
  • 2.3 Joule Output
  • Maximum Voltage 14,000v
  • Up to 15 Km under good fencing conditions
  • Up to 5 Km under poor fencing conditions

The M4 is a medium power 240v electric fencing energiser. Well suited to larger stables, livery yards as well as farms. If you have large fields that need to be divided up in to smaller paddocks or to ensure that a pasture is sheep proof the M4 is a good choice.

The M4 energiser does require a minimum of 1 x 1 meter earth stake and in dry periods more earthing may be required.
Remember to select a large enough reel of lead out wire to connect both the energiser to the fence and the energiser to the earth stake.


We say:

If you have four to seven acres of pasture you need to fence / divide up this is probably the correct mains electric fencing energiser for you, with plenty of power without over kill.

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