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Moocall is an award winning NEW and brilliant calving sensor that attaches to the the tail of your cow and tracks the tail movement patterns to accurately predict when your cow is likely to give birth - it will send an SMS text alert directly to your phone 1 hour prior to calving so you have plenty of time to finish what you are working on and attend to the cow. This means you can spend your valuable time doing other jobs on the farm rather than constantly checking on your cattle. The alarm helps keep your valuable mum and calf safe, and gives you peave of mind. If, for any reason, you miss the call or alert, the head office is flagged and they will also try to contact you.

The MooCall should be attached to the cow's tail approximately 1 week before birth is expected. After the birth it can be cleaned and re-used as many times as you like.

The MooCall comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. All our customers have loved it, but should you be unhappy for any reason at all, simply put a stamp on it and return it to use within 60 days for a full refund.

The MooCall is 100% non-invasive and gathers 600 pieces of data per second so that it can accurately predict when your cow will give birth.



Long lasting battery life: The battery lasts an impressive 30 to 60 days and it will send you a text alert when battery drops to 15% remaining. When it needs recharging you can recharge it just like you would charge your mobile device.
Multiple person alerts: SMS texts up to two numbers and emails up to three email addresses
Ability to cover many calving events: You can simply unstrap the Moocall and reattach the device on to a new cows tail.
One device will serve over 30 cows: If managed correctly, you will be able to use one device to cover a heard of at least 30 cows.
MyMoocall software: You can manage your device using this software where you will be able to change phone numbers, see your battery levels and view what alerts have been sent.
Increases productivity: The device will allow you to spend more time doing other farming jobs.
Allows you to be present at more calvings: Due to the alerting sensor it will send you an SMS text alert every time there is a potential birthing.
60 day satisfaction guarantee - 60 days from date of activation money back guarantee

What's included:

One Moocall Sensor with standard tail strap (un-activated)
Longer tail strap for cows and heifers with thicker tails
12 months of support, data and software updates for the sensor (£109 for 12 months after this, please see below for more information on this)
12 months warranty on Moocall electronics
Access to MyMoocall - An iOS/Android app and online dashboard to monitor calving alerts, battery status, phone numbers
Recharging cable with GB and international power plug
Quick start instructions guide

12 Month Charges

Each Moocall sensor has a running cost to cover data transfer costs - just like a mobile phone
12 months is included in the purchase price - this will start from the date of activation (devices are delivered unactivated)
After the first 12 months the annual charge is £109exVAT to keep the sensor operational
10% discount available for multiple calving sensors
Payment is optional and there is no contract or requirement to pay for a further 12 months of use
Moocall will contact you when your sensor is due for renewal - they will not automatically charge

We think: what a great product! This takes the stress out of calving and allows farmers and small holders the freedom to get on with daily chores (or sleep) safe in the knowledege that their phone will alert them in time for the birth. We love it!

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