Pig Electric Fence Kit - Mains - 200 Metres

Pig Electric Fence Kit - Mains - 200 Metres

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 Pig Electric Fencing Kit - Mains Powered

This kit is designed to give up to 200 meters of fencing with three lines.

Please click here to read more on fencing pigs

This kit comes with a M2 mains powered electric fencing energiser. The kit comes with 10 meters of lead out wire to connect the energiser to the fence. It is important you measure the distance you will require, if you need more than 10 meters please contact us or purchase a larger reel.

There is an option to use 3ft plastic fence posts or upgrade to metal pig tail fence posts.
We have included with the upgrade 150 pig tail insulators for the posts to hold the wire. These are not required with plastic posts.

The kit uses galvanised stranded steel wire , this is easy to use very strong and because it is pure steel it is exceptionally conductive.

1 x M2 energiser complete with 100cm earth stake + 10 meters of lead out wire
3 x 200m rolls of 1.5mm stranded steel wire
4 x 3ft white posts pack of 10
3 x standard gate handles
1 x warning signs
1 x Fence tester

Please Note :
Standard Kit comes with 40 x 3ft Plastic posts

Metal Kits comes with 40 x Metal Pig tail posts and 135 pig tail insultaors

What height to put the fence line at?

Please do not take these heights as cast in stone you will need to adjust the heights depending on breed size, age and the mix of age range.

Adult full size pigs only
Two lines  at 25 cm and 45 cm

Piglets and adults
Three lines at 15 cm, 25 cm, 40 cm

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