Polyrope GREEN POWER R6 - 400 m (6 mm)

Polyrope GREEN POWER R6 - 400 m (6 mm)

Product Code:  17183-400
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SKU: 17183-400
  • The twines of the Green power-line are especially practical for long fences, because of the ''conductors
  • Because of the green colour, the twine fits perfectly to the landscape
  • Very visible because of the white identification strand
  • The high number of conductors ensure a high energy flow
  • Monofilaments with highest UV protection
  • Plastic monofilaments for highest tensile strength
  • 3 years warranty on UV protection
  • Product line: GREEN POWER
  • Resistance: 0,22 Ohm/m
  • Conductors: 6
Length 200m
Number od wires 6
Diametre copper wires 0,22mm
Resistance 0,22Ω/m
Breaking strength ~350kg
Max. fence lenght for battery and mains fencer 14km
Max. fence lenght for battery fencer 4,6km
Part no. 17183-400

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