Superior Smart 3ft WHITE Posts

Superior Smart 3ft WHITE Posts

Product Code:  14491-10
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Price:  £21.99 (£18.33 Exc. VAT)
Part Number:  14491-10Brand:  Horizont



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Plastic Electric Fence Post

  • Total length 115cm
  • 11 loops for both tape and rope
  • 3 yr warranty against manufacturers defects


Extra high quality, exceptionally strong electric fencing post with a unique footplate that is virtually unbreakable (see picture above)

The metal spike is 23 cm in length 9mm diameter and allows these posts to be put in to the hardest ground.....

Sold in bundles of 10

If you are bored of cheap posts that bend in the field and snap at the first frost then the superior range of electric fencing posts are for you. Yes - they cost more but they are probably the best quality post in the market today!


It is recommended that you place posts between 8m and 10m apart.  If your land is undulating, has lots of corners or if it is in a windy position you may wish to have more posts to make your fence stronger.

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