Trapper AB2 Energiser 12 Volt or D-Cell battery - Up to 1.5 km

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NEW Trapper AB2

This energiser is very well manufactured and is made in Germany.  It runs from either a 12 volt battery, or from 2 D-cell batteries.  Add a solar panel to your 12 volt battery to make life even easier!

This energiser is ideal for horses and for hobby farmers.  It will run a fence of up to 1.5 km without vegetation and 0.5 with vegetation.  It has an on/off switch and also has two speeds - a slow pulse and a faster pulse.  Use the faster pulse to train your animals and consider dropping to the lower pulse if you have well trained/behaved animals!  A light f;ashes on this energiser to let you know it is working.


The energiser comes with a stand and mini earth stake and leads for connection to your fence.  The energiser can be mounted on the included stand, or to a wall or can hang from a fence.  It has a 2 year warranty.


It is similar to the popular Hotline Shrike energiser, but slightly more powerful.  


0.18 J input

0.22 J output


We Say: We love this smart energiser.  It is well made and great value!  Perfect for horses and poultry.  What Star Wars character do you think it looks like?!

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