Wahl Adelar Pro Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Adelar Pro Cordless Trimmer

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Adelar Cordless Trimmer

This is a medium duty trimmer , that can cope with most trimming jobs though we do not recommend its use for feathers or hogging manes (Sorry you need a full size clipper for that)

The Adelar has a adjustable blade that can be set to leave a hair length from
0.1mm to 3mm in five different stages

The batteries give 1 hour (approx) running time
Built in battery level indicator will come on to let the operator know when the battery has only 15% power left.

Smart charger technology means that the battery can be left on charge indefinitely till required. From empty a battery takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully recharge

The Adelar comes with :

Trimmer with adjustable blade
Two batteries
Smart charger

2yr Warranty

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