Hot Gate for poultry netting

Hot Gate for poultry netting

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Electric fencing gate way for poultry netting

Finally a electric fencing poultry gate you use with OUT having to turn your energiser off


The new 'hot gate' is a stand alone gate system that can be incorporated into any 1.1m standard poultry netting.  It simply ties into the end of the existing - the system consists of:

1 x 19mm gate post with out prong that fits into dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 19mm double pronged post for dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 12mm double pronged post at other side of netting gate

1 x 1.25m close mesh green netting 1.1m high

2 x insulated gate handles - attached to posts at the top

1 x dock

2 x galvanised pegs for dock

6 x tie wraps

Opening Length: 1.25m.  

Colour: Green.

This gate way is slightly taller at 110cm than our standard poultry net which is 105cm.  This is no way effects it in use and if anything makes it a lot easier to see where the gate is.


We Say: for simple entry into your poultry enclosure, you want a Hot Gate!  You can definitely get by without, but the Hot gate makes for far easier access.  We have tested other gates on the market, and the Hot Gate is by far the best option.  




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