Farmcare UK Electric Fencing FAQ

What is an electric fence  ?

An electric fence is a psychological deterrent that is designed to keep livestock in or nuisance animals (predators) out.
The psychological element is achieved because… well an electric fence hurts. I would stress at this point a electric fence using modern equipment will hurt but not harm any animals or humans who might be unfortunate enough to come in contact.
Whilst to some this may appear cruel it is significantly less cruel than the use of barbed wire where the barbs were designed to perice the skin and inflict pain on the animals .

Electric fences can be either temporary or permanent and through the use of modern light weight plastics can be very easily moved around a large area as required. Additionally electric fences are extremely adaptable in the application and can be used from keeping livestock (horse, sheep, cattle) contained in kent to keeping monkeys out of second-storey windows in malysia.

Can you help me plan my fence


Working out quite what components and how much is required for your area of ground can be difficult, so let us help you. Phone or email us with the following information and we'll gladly advise on what's needed and how much your bespoke solution will cost.  

*Amount of land to be fenced off plus any splitting up of fields?  
*What sort of animals it is to be used for?
*Is mains power available?
*Whether or not it is likely to be a permanent fence or temporary?
*If possible a map or sketch of the land can help

Call or email and we will help you find the right solution for your budget
 Tel: 01825 750650

How far is around my field ?

Acre to meter conversion table

What parts do I need for an electric fence

Guide to electric fencing part 1

Why would I use green electric fencing tape

Green or white tape ?

Help with 12v batteries and electric fences

Guide to 12v bateries and there use in electric fencing

What is the difference between voltage and joules for my electric fence

An Explanation of voltage and joules in electric fencing

Guide and FAQ for electric fencing netting

FAQ for netting

Guide for installing a B1 Energiser

Guide to installing and setting up a b1 energiser

How to use farmcare uk 40mm tape connectors

This guide applies to 20mm superior tape connecotrs as well

I think i have a earthing problem on my electric fence

Electric Fence Earthing problem

Farmcare UK News

January 2014

The Great January Rug Sale has started .

Weatherbeeta, JHL, Horseware Ireland, Amigo

Final discounts on heavy weight rugs
Pick up a bargain.

Latest addition to the X series clippers

Xplorer cordless horse clippers
Giving a massive 120 minutes clip time from a 90 minute charge.

AVAILABLE from Febuary 2014

October 2013



FRIDAY 1st NOVEMBER 12 noon till 8pm

A day of promotions and Special Offers

£2 off denigie feed , Clipper demonstrations , Ice vib boots special offers ,  PLUS LOTS LOTS MORE

Great Rug Offers


Not Cheap but total Quality that lasts

FREE 300g Rug liner with each 200g RAMBO SUPREME



Amigo Hero 6 One Piece 200g Turn Out

NOW £89.99

August 2013

Great product from Lister Shearing

We all know and love the Lister Liberty horse clipper - great machine, probably the best cordless clipper on the market.

now we can offer the lister liberty mains clipper complete with a Lister clipper bag.
Confused let me explain.

The Liberty is a 12 volt horse clipper that normally runs from a belt battery pack , as an option you can get a mains adapter so run the liberty clipper direct from a mains power supply . You can even get a cable that allows you to run the clipper from a 12 volt car battery.
Lister are now offering the liberty as a mains clipper, there are a few advantages to this over a conventional 240 volt clipper. The liberty only runs at 12 volts so it is cool running and very safe ( the 240 volt bit remains at the plug and not down the wire ) additionally the liberty horse clipper has no need for vents ( cool running ) so no holes for fluff, dirt, horse hair etc to get inside this reduces the need for servicing and the need for repairs. Plus we have negotiated for the Liberty mains clipper to comes in the excellent Lister clipper bag . Loads of pockets to keep clipper blades, oil and brushes and plenty of space to put your clipper away in so no need to wrestle the clipper in to submission. For more information please click here Liberty mains clipper, or call of help and advise

Electric Fencing Offer

We are always saying to customers to use tape connectors rather than tying knots in their fencing.
So now we are giving some electric fencing tape connectors away FREE.

Buy either a 20mm electric fencing triple pack or a 40mm electric fencing tape triple pack and get 3 x free tape connectors .

Then there is no reason use knots

Free tape connector offer

Leovet Phaser Fly Spray offer

Farmcare have got a great offer to beat the summer flies .
Oh boy have the horse flies been nasty this year
Leovet Phaser fly spray is proven to work both by a swiss institute and ( more importantly ) by many happy customers.

Buy one phaser product and get one for 50% off
This offer applies for both Phaser fly spray  and phaser Gel

Great Product from Wahl

KM2 Dog clipper set

KM2 dog clipper ( new and improved max 45 )

Plus a mini arco trimmer.
This box set is great for anybody that is bored of cheap clippers that break after 3 months .The Km2 clipper take all the pro series blades and guide combs . It has a 45 w motor and is tough enough to be used in a busy dog gromming salon.

July 2013

Gatetrix electric fencing
The gatetrix corner insulators are due back in stock in early August
Also the unique gatetrix four way insulator will be coming back in stock .
The unique electric fencing insulator is designed to hold any size of electric fencing tape .
it allows a single post to support tape in four directions and all for lines of electric fencing tape are connected to each other .
This connection helps to balance the power around the electric fence and ensure all areas are live.

Grand meadows
Unfortunately due to problems at the UK customs ( despite having been imported for 4 years )
There are some delays in getting certain Grand Meadows products
Most importantly the GrandMeadow Synergy ( one of the most popular and effective products they make )
Please bear with us during this period.

Whal 500ml shampo and get a free magic brush

great for bathing you pets or horse

Whal shampoo comes in a range of colours and types to enhance your dogs / horses coat

Naf love the skin your in offer

Now £14.99 with Free P+P

June 2013


After many years of loyal service the old Farmcare UK web site has been retired.

What you are looking at now is the new shiney web site. Initially it will have the sme produts at the same great prices that farmcare UK is so well known for ,in due course we will increase the range of products we can offer.
I must say thanks to all the team at C shop for all there hard work in making this come to life.

Customers Electric Fences:

Looking for ideas - want to see what can be done.....

We are asking customers if they have installed a new fence or renovated an old one. Keeping your ( naughty ) dogs in or protecting doris and daisy ( they are hens by the way ) let us know . Electric fencing is exceptionally versatile and we hope by showing what you have doen it will help others.

Please  send in a few pictures and a some text and we will show case it here.

Joffs Naughty Dogs

New Products

Electric Fencing Crocodile Clips

Finally an electric fencing product that can be used easily and quickly to connect one line of elecric fencing to another.
Especially useful is that the crocadile clips can be used to connect electric fencing rope to 20mm electric fencing tape.
a pair of electric fencing crocodile clips also solves the problem of easily connecting three lines of livestock fencing together. This is especially useful for sheep fencing and pig fencing where three lines of twine or steel wire are commonly used.

 Electric Fencing Crocodile clips

Electric Fencing Gate Handles

Bring a bit of colour to your field.
New from horizont is a range of electric fencing gate handles with a difference ...
Instead of just black the fencing gate handles are in Blue, Red, Purple and Turquoise.
For some it will be a chance to colour co ordinate there electric fencing with there tack.
For others it will allow easier identification of fields ( or sub divided fields ) . On larger yards it will also reduce the opportunities for unauthorised borrowing......
or just a bit of FUN
Coloured Electric Fencing Gate Handles

Superior Coloured Electric Fencing Posts

Bring a bit of colour to your field part 2
New from horizont is a range of superior plastic posts with a visible difference...
We have always had white posts and green but now you can have electric fencing posts in
Blue, Red, Purple and Turquoise.
These posts are from the superior range so they are very tough, stiff and have 9 slots that can take tape and rope .
The posts are 142cm tall and have a lot of colour the pictures do not do them justice....
Benefits are increased visibility of your electric fence, reduced theft, borrowing opportunities. Easier identification of areas with in a large field and with matching electric fencing gate handles an opportunity for the ultimate in colour co ordination..

Superior Coloured Electric Fencing Posts