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Welcome To Farmcare UK!

Located in rural Sussex in the beautiful county town of Lewes, Farmcare UK began as a mobile farming supplies provider, and over the years has developed into a huge online store that has become the primary place for anyone looking to grab themselves some brilliant tools and equipment to help them with their own farming and livestock needs. Because of our experience, we have become specialist suppliers of fencing for all farm animals and livestock. On top of that, Farmcare UK also have an equestrian store, which supplies the local area with horse feed, quality supplements and everything that the modern horse rider requires.

Whatever it is you need, you can rest easy knowing that we have plenty of quality farming and livestock equipment just for you. Farmcare UK is best known for its electric fencing, horse clippers and shearing, as we have been supplying electric fencing products online for over a decade. Our wealth of experience in finding the right fencing solution to suit our customers’ requirements has made us loved and valued by everyone who has come to us for help with their farming and livestock needs.

At Farmcare UK we offer horse clippers all year round, and our sales staff have immense equestrian experience meaning that they are more than capable of helping customers finding the perfect horse clipper for them and their horse. Additionally, we have in house horse clipper blade sharpening, as well as horse clipper repairs and servicing. With help from us at Farmcare UK, you won’t have to worry about your clipper needs for today and for many years to come. We also supply equipment for dogs, poultry and general livestock too, including grooming tools, incubators, lighting equipment and feeders.

Our range of products feature some amazing brands such as Lister, Liveryman, Heiniger, Horizont, Gallagher, Shock and Guard. With these brands, you are sure to be getting your hands on some amazing equipment, and they are all just a phone call or click away, so what are you waiting for?