12 Volt Electric Fence Leisure Battery

12 Volt Electric Fence Leisure Battery

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12v Lesuire Battery - For Electric Fencing
Sealed - Maintenance free - 75Ah


These deep cycle or leisure batteries are well suited to electric fencing applications.
They can be used for all solar applications both fencing and remote lighting.

Our new leisure batteries are sealed and therefore maintenance free, using the most advanced technology they benefit from a much improved venting system.

Manufactured to the highest O.E. Specifications and fully compliant with the European Battery Directive.


  • Two terminals for easy solar connection (1 x positive terminal and 1 x negative terminal)
  • Carrying handle
  • Heavy duty plates for deep cycles
  • Sealed maintenance free

For ease of use, have you considered adding a Solar Panel to your battery?  The solar panel simply clips to the top of your battery and must face due South.  The Solar Panel will charge your battery for most of the year, although during the darkest winter weeks, you may need to give your battery a couple of charges from the mains.  The Solar Panels are robust, very reliable and have come down dramatically in price over the least few years - now only £36.99



Please note: these batteries come by specialist couriers, who are able to handle this type of battery, and will arrive separately to other parts of your order.  We are not able to ship 12v batteries outside of the UK.  



The battery may look slightly different to the picture above.  

There is a 10% restocking fee for this product, should you wish to return it.  You are also responsible for return carriage, and specialist couriers are required.

Please note the six month  warranty on these 12v batteries only covers a manufacturing fault in the battery.  It does not cover batteries being excessively discharged so they will not accept a charge again. Do not wait for the magic eye indicator to change colour as these are not very accurate. It is critical that batteries are charged regularly and fully. Failure to do so could invalidate the warranty.


These are special order batteries.  If you need to return the battery, there will be a 15% restocking fee and you will be responsible for return carriage (using the correct type of courier for this type of battery).

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