Electric Fence Tester - 10,000 Volts - for fences and energisers - the best 'all round' starter tester

Electric Fence Tester - 10,000 Volts - for fences and energisers - the best 'all round' starter tester

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This fence tester is the best choice for those with a limited budget and an electric fence.  It allows you to test both the energiser and the fence independently (some testers only allow you to test the whole fence).  It is importantly to be able to test the fence and the energiser independently because this allows you to identify where a problem may lie.  It also goes up to 10,000 volts which is higher than most starter testers.

To use the tester to test your fence, simply place the hook on your fence, and the spike into the ground.

To use the tester to test your energiser, disconnect your energiser from the fence.  Then place the spike on to the earth terminal and the hook on to the positive terminal.


Note: in bright sunlight you may need to shield the lights on the tester to be able to clearly see the reading.


Testing range: 1000V-10000V

Wire length: 136.5cm

Display type: Neon lamp

Watch our very short video to find out more about this fence tester.


If you don't have a fence tester it can be hard to know if the problem lies with your fence, or the energiser.  The only way to know is to have a proper fence tester.  However, as a back-up you can try the 'Spark Test'.  Open the live and earth croc clips from your energiser and connect them together.  Then open them up very slowly so the metal Jaws of the clips are about 1mm apart and you should get a nice spark jumping between the two.  This means your energiser is working, but you will not know what the output is.

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