200 Metre Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Complete Kit
 200 Metre Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Complete Kit200 Metre Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Complete Kit 

200 Metre Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Complete Kit

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Brand:  Gallagher

Gallagher S12 200 Metre Full Solar Powered Fence Kit - great for strip grazing

This kit will give you a solar powered double lined 200 metre electric fence.  You have the option of a white or green kit, and 3ft or 4ft posts.  This kit is an excellent and very easy option for small fences and for strip grazing.  

The Gallagher S12 energiser has an internal rechargeable battery, that is powered by the solar panel on top.  It has built in lightening protection and can power the fence for up to 3 weeks with no light.  During the very darkest winter months, you may need to give it a couple of boosts, depending on your location.  

The Shock tape is good quality tape made in Ireland (not a cheap import!).  It has a heavy weave and 4 x stainless steel conductors of 0.2mm.  This tape is ideal for horses and strip grazing.

Kit Includes:

  • Gallagher S12 solar energiser (with free upgrade to a 7 year warranty of register it with Gallagher once purchased)
  • 200 Metres 20mm Shock White or Green Tape
  • 20 x green or white posts, - 3ft or 4ft
  • 2 x gate handles
  • 1 x tape to tape connector
  • 50cm earth stake

More details on the Gallagher S12 energiser:

The S12 is incredibly easy to use and to move and very reliable.  It has built in lightning protection and can run a fence with no light for up to 3 weeks (depending  on the length of fence).  If you register this energiser online with Gallagher you get an extended 7 year warranty - amazing! 

- Maximum output voltage (V): 9200
- Charging energy (J): 0.12
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.08
- Solar panel (Watt): 2.2
- Recommended number of earth stakes: 1 x 0.5 m
- Singlewire distance – max length (km): 3.5
- Multiwire distance – ideal conditions (km): 1.5
- Multiwire distance – light growth (km): 0.7
- Multiwire distance – recommended (km): 0.4
- Grid area (hectare/acre): 0.7/1.5


It is a good idea to add a fence tester, for trouble shooting,  if you do not already have one.  



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