Multi Level Electric Fence Tester - test your fence is working

Multi Level Electric Fence Tester - test your fence is working

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Multi Level Electric Fence Tester


Invaluable tool to check and test your electric fence. No more guessing or hoping your fence is working correctly. If your electric fence has suffered damage it is very important to test the electric fence tape or rope to ensure power is flowing past the damaged area. There is no easy way to do this without a tester.

  • Shows voltage from 1000v to 10,000v
  • Can be used to confirm the energier is functioning correctly
  • This tester is also used to locate breaks or faults in the fence


To use place the spike of the tester in the ground, then rest the metal loop that is on the top of the tester on to the electric fence. When the fence pulses a number of "lights" will show in the face of the tester. These lights correspond to the voltage indicated.

The light is in fact a spark jumping inside part of the tester - if the voltage is low this can be hard to see clearly on a bright day so try covering the tester with your hand to shield it from the light.

A typical electric fence requires a minimum of 2000v to be effective.

This tester can also be used to test your electric fence energiser. Detach the energiser from the fence and earth spike.  Place the Earth probe of your tester on the earth spike on your energiser.  Please the hook of the tester on the positive terminal of your electric fence energiser.  This will let you know the output of your energiser without any other variables. Not all fence testers allow you to test the energiser in this way.

Size 5cm x 17.5cm

Cable from tester to earth spike 150 cm approx.


We Say: A lot more reliable than touching the fence with a blade of grass and a good option that allows you to test both your energiser and your fence.

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