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Hotline Buzzard 12 Volt Electric Fence Energiser On SALE!

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Solar powered water pump for livestock toughs - on sale. Manufactured by Hotline.

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NEW Heiniger Xplorer Pro - the most powerful cordless horse clipper

Heiniger Xplorer Pro - the most powerful cordless horse and cattle clipper in the market. Brand new and ideal for professionals.

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The Best Horse Clipper for those New to Clipping
Tuesday, 27 September 2022  |  Beth

Heiniger Xplorer Pro - the best cordless cattle clipper 2022

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Lister Star Horse Clipper - best value - we will price match.

Lister Star Horse Clippers are the best selling clipper in the UK.  We are one of Lister's biggest partners and we will price match.  We have the best deals and we will switch blades so you have the right blade for your needs.  The Star is ideal for those with between 1 and 3 horses.

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Lister Horse Clippers - we will price match and switch blades

We love Lister horse clippers and we will price match, whenever possible, and switch blades to the blade of your choice!  Lister clippers are made here in the UK.  They hold the Royal Warrant.  Lister are constantly innovating and the brand is respected and sort after worldwide.  Lister also has a wide range of high quality blades, including the unique Lister Covercote blade that clips hair 5mm and is hugely popular for those showing their horses.  You can't get this blade on any other brand of full size clipper.


The Lister range of clippers includes:

Lister Eclipse - the newest Lister clipper.  This is a cordless clipper, with the battery in the handle of the clipper.  It is ergonomically designed and is beautifully smooth to use.  It is a medium duty clipper and ideal for those with up 4 or 5 horses.  It is the highest powered cordless clipper on the market and has 2 speeds for even more control.  

Lister Star - the best selling Lister clipper.  This is a great clipper for those with between 1 and 3 horses, with normal hair.  It is small and light, making it a suitable option for those with smaller hands.  It is not as powerful as the Eclipse, but is still considered a medium duty clipper.  It has a cord of 5 metres.  This is the best value clipper and often has fantastic deals to entice people to the Lister brand.

Lister Legend - a medium to heavy duty clipper.  This has been around for years.  It's a real workhorse.  It is heavier and more powerful than the Star and Eclipse, but lighter duty than the Fusion.  It's a good option for people with lots of horses who need a reliable, powerful clipper.  It has a 5 metre lead.

Lister Fusion - the heavy duty clipper.  This is the clipper for professionals and yards with lots of horses to clip, or very challenging coats to clip.  It is a mains clipper, with 2 speeds.  It has been out for 3 years now and is very reliable and popular.  It is ergonomically designed, but is heavier than the Star and Eclipse.  It has a 5 metre lead.

The Lister Liberty and the Lister Laser have been updated and are no longer available.


All Lister clippers come with a 2 year warranty as standard.  Lister's factory is here in the UK.


The full size Lister blades include:

- A2F Fine blade that clips hair to approx 1.4mm.  This usually comes as standard.

- A2 Medium blade clips hair to 2.4mm.  This is a great option for those new to clipping as it tends to be slightly more forgiving and leaves less 'tram lines'.  It is also a good option for those who have a light skinned horse or those looking for a slightly longer cut.  We are happy to switch to this blade at no extra charge.

- Covercote blade.  This is unique to Lister and is hugely popular.  It cuts hair to 5mm.  It always sells out fast (Lister can't keep up with demand) so please order quickly if you want this one.  It is hard to make and more expensive than other blades.  We are happy to switch to this blade, if it is in stock, but it is slightly more expensive.  

- Coarse blade.  This is for tricky, thick and coarse hair.  It has less teeth so glides through the hair more easily and with less chance of blunting your blades.  It doesn't leave quite such a nice finish but is great for legs or for those who are not too worried about a perfect look.

Full size clipper blades can be re-sharpened.  It is a good idea to always have 2 blades so you have a back-up should your blades go blunt mid clip.  Blades can last for many years.  They make up quite an investment over time, so to keep them at their best make sure you brush off any hair and oil them before you put them away, and oil them every 5 minutes while clipping.


If you have any questions about which clipper is right for you, please don't hesitate to send me an email   We are a family run business and we are always happy to help you select the right clipper or blade for your needs.  


To look at the clippers in more detail, or to see our latest offers, please click HERE.  We are happy to price match, when possible.  We are confident that we can always offer our customers the best Lister deal.  We are proud partners with Lister Shearing.

Other top horse clipper brands include Heiniger and Liveryman.  There are some terrible clipper brands in the market, and we are careful to only work with and support the best.  Visit our website for more clipper information, or drop us an email!


If you have any questions about which clipper is right for you, please don't hesitate to send me an email   We are a family run business and we are always happy to help you select the right clipper or blade for your needs.  




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Solar Flood Lights On Sale!

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