Government grants - FETF272SH - for solar energisers for electric fencing - on sale

20 March 2024  |  Beth

Government grants - FETF272SH - for solar energisers for electric fencing - on sale

If you need a new energiser for your electric fence, have you considered going solar?  If so, check to see if you qualify for the government grant scheme and get £138 towards your purchase.  Or, look at the whole electric fence systems and grants for up to £1130.  Details on the grants can be seen HERE.  Some basic details are below.


The deadline is fast approaching for you to take advantage of the governments FETF272SH grant scheme for solar powered electric fence energisers. The Hotline range of Fire Drake solar energisers are eligable for the grant scheme that ends on 17th April 2024.  You can see more details for these energisers HERE.


All of our solar energisers are on sale.  We're huge supporters of going solar and the capability and power of these energisers is reliable and a great option here in the UK.  The Fire Drake energisers come with a 5 year warranty and they are made here in the UK.   The Firedrake 34 goes up to 2.5km, the Fire Drake 67 goes up to 5km and the Fire Drake 200 goes up to an impressive 18 km.   You can find out more about these energisers HERE.

We're a family run business and love offering our customers the very best prices (which we can do due to low overheads and fantastic relationships with the manufacturers).  So, if you see a better deal anywhere else let us know and we will try to beat it.  Don't be shy - let us know at

Visit our website to see the full range of solar energisers and offers HERE


FETF272SH - Solar powered electric fence energiser

Expected average cost of item (£): 276
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 138
Score: 170

Item must:

  • be a solar powered electric fencing energiser
  • have integrated solar panel and battery 
  • have a minimum output of 0.15 joules 
  • be bought as a whole working unit not parts

FETF107SH - Electric fencing package

Expected average cost of item (£): 2,261
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 1,130
Score: 1,090

Item must:

  • be a package of electric fencing equipment
  • have a battery powered energiser with a minimum output of 2 joules
  • have a solar panel with a minimum output of 10 watts
  • have a minimum of 100 temporary fencing stakes or posts
  • have a minimum of 8 reel holding posts or anchor end posts or end assemblies 
  • have a minimum of 6 spools or reels for wire 
  • have a pedestrian geared winder with stake storage or an ATV winder or a barrow-based winder

Fencing stakes or posts must be guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years.











Qualifying energisers:

Fire Drake feature integrated high capacity solar panels carefully matched to replace the battery energy used while operating as quickly as possible. They have been developed specifically with the UK climate in mind. A battery charger is also included to help keep the battery charged when sunlight is in short supply.





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