Hotline Shrike Energiser - review and 'what's in the box'

7 March 2024  |  Beth

Hotline Shrike Energiser - review and 'what's in the box'

Hotline Shrike Electric Fence Energiser - great for horses, ponies, small paddocks and strip grazing


The Hotline Shrike energiser is a great choice for anyone looking for a cost effective small energiser.  It also has a solar panel option, that will run the energiser during bright sunlight, and D-cell batteries (included) that will run the energiser if you do not have the solar panel or if it is too dark.  It can also run from a 12 volt battery if you purchase the extra leads - although most use the D-cell/Solar combination.


This energiser sits neatly on an earth stake, or can sit on a nail.  It is really easy to move around, and very reliable.  It even has a 5 year warranty - which is amazing for an energiser of this size and price point.  It is made here in the UK, in Devon, by Hotline and is good quality.


The Shrike energiser can run up to 800 metres of fencing.  It has an on/off switch for ease of use and a light to indicate the fence is working.  It is a 3 volt energuser with 0.4 joules of stored energy.  For those who are not too familiar with all the specs - this means it has enough power for small fences and is a good option for horses and ponies!


We've made a little (short) video for you, so you can see the energiser a bit more clearly.  Here it is!


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