Horse Clippers

25 February 2024  |  Beth
Charge your Lister Eclipse Battery and your Heiniger Xplorer Battery at the end of the season!
24 January 2024  |  Beth
Charge your Lister Eclipse and Heiniger Xplorer Batteries
6 December 2023  |  Beth
Lister Eclipse Horse Clipper Sale!
18 September 2023  |  Beth
Lister Star Horse Clipper Offer 2023
12 September 2023  |  Beth
How much does it cost to clip a horse in the UK and why should I clip my horse?
8 September 2023  |  Beth
Horse Clipping Styles 2023

Horse clipping tips, styles and techniques.

7 September 2023  |  Beth
All-In-One Horse and Dog Clippers, with snap-on blades.
7 September 2023  |  Beth
Liveryman Harmony Plus Clipper with FREE second Blade

Liveryman Harmong PLus - clip your whole horse, plus you dog! Free second blade offer.

21 March 2023  |  Beth
Which is the Best All-In-One Horse Clipper and Why are they So Popular?
26 September 2022  |  Beth
Lister Star Horse Clipper - best value - we will price match.

Lister Star Horse Clippers are the best selling clipper in the UK.  We are one of Lister's biggest partners and we will price match.  We have the best deals and we will switch blades so you have the right blade for your needs.  The Star is ideal for those with between 1 and 3 horses.

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