Charge your Lister Eclipse and Heiniger Xplorer Batteries

24 January 2024  |  Beth

Charge your Lister Eclipse and Heiniger Xplorer Batteries

Calling all Lister Eclipse and Heiniger Xplorer Owners!

Please give your lithium batteries a FULL CHARGE before putting them away for the season.  This protects your battery.  It is in the instructions, but we don't always read all the info.  This applies to all lithium batteries.


Please also store your Lister Eclipse, Lister Liberty and Heiniger Xplorer batteries (along with any other lithium batteries) somewhere indoors, where the temperature will not fluctuate a lot.  


Finally, please ensure you have cleaned your blades, brushed off any hair (that is acidic and corrosive) and oiled your blades before packing them away.  It is a good idea to check your blades for any broken combs (dangerous for animals) and to check if they need to be sharpened or replaced before the next use.


And of course, all clippers should be serviced at least once per year.  It is also important to check and replace any filters.


Your horse clipper is a significant investment.  We do get disappointed customers every year at the start of clipping season, with battery issues or urgently needing new blades.  With a little care now, you can avoid problems next clipping season!


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