Lister Eclipse Horse Clipper Sale!

6 December 2023  |  Beth

Lister Eclipse Horse Clipper Sale!

Lister Eclipse Cordless Clipper On Sale!  Save £80 and get a FREE trimmer, shampoo and brush.  Wow!


Lister Eclipse and trimmer, shampoo and brush for £370!

The Lister Eclipse Cordless clipper is the update on the popular Lister Liberty clipper.  The battery sits in the body of the clipper, giving you ultimate clipping freedom.  


The Eclipse takes the full range of Lister blades, and at FarmCare we let you select the right blade for your needs (please don't waste your money buying a clipper with the wrong blade!).  We've also secured a great limited time deal, whereby you get a FREE Wahl Pro Ion trimmer, a FREE 500ml Wahl Dirty Beasty Shampoo (smells amazing and can be used on your other pets too) and a FREE Wahl cury brush.  What a lovely Christmas gift :)


We're offering all of this for the amazing sale price of £370.  So start saving now!  Clipping your own horse not only saves on the groom, but is also a bonding exercise for you and your horse and reduces the chance of the need for sedation.  


Lister clippers are all made here in the UK and come with a 2 year warranty.

If you have any questions, please email  We are a family run business and we are happy to help you select the clipper or blades that are right for your horse.

We will try to beat any price, if the clipper is in stock!

Click here to order your clipper, while stocks last.  



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