NEW Liveryman Covercoat Blade - ideal for a natural look and for pink skins - clips to 4.8mm

16 May 2024  |  Beth

NEW Liveryman Covercoat Blade - ideal for a natural look and for pink skins - clips to 4.8mm

NEW Liveryman Covercoat blade


The Liveryman Covercoat blade has been a long time coming!  Up until now, the only brand that offered a blade that clips to 5mm was Lister.  However, the longer length clip has become increasingly popular, especially for those who show their horses, so Liveryman developed a blade that clips to 4.8mm and fits their popular Liveryman Black Beauty clipper (mains and battery options).


They have also introduced an A5 snap on blade that clips to the same length and fits the popular Harmony Pus clipper, alongside the Heiniger Saphir, Heiniger Opal and Wahl KM clippers.  This means you could clip the body with the Black Beauty, and have a matching trimmer length.


Finally, Liveryman has introduced a version of the Covercoat blade that fits Lister clippers.  It is slightly cheaper that the Lister version.  However, it is probably best to use the Lister branded Covercote blade (spelt slightly differently) because Lister's warranty states that you should only use Lister  blades on their clippers.


The 5mm clipping length has been growing in popularity for years and we can only imagine it will keep gaining traction.  It's such a flattering look, for some reason the dreaded 'tram lines' don't show up as much and it is particularly good for pink skins.


Please remember to clean and oil your blades after use to protect them from the acid in the hair.  Blades are a significant investment and worth looking after properly!

To order your Liveryman Covercoat Blade CLICK HERE  £54 (including VAT).

To order your snap on WIDE 5mm blade to fit the Liveryman Harmony Plus, Heiniger Saphir and Heiniger Opal CLICK HERE  £49.99 (inc VAT)

To order your Lister Covercote Blade to fit the Lister Star, Lister Eclipse, Lister Legend and Lister Fusion CLICK HERE  £58 (inc VAT)


If you have any questions about the best blade for your horse or clipper, please email  We are a family run team and happy to help.



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