Lister Covercote Blade - leaves 5mm hair

Lister Covercote Blade - leaves 5mm hair

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Lister Covercote

The Lister Covercote blade is designed to leave 5mm of hair.
They are suited to clipping legs and especially feathers where leaving more hair can be desirable to give protection.  They are also very popular for horse shows and at peak horse show season you can guarantee high demand for this product - so please order early if at all possible. 

Lister is the only manufacturer that makes this type of blade.

Fits all full size Lister Clippers including the Lister Star, Liberty, Legend, Laser 2, Neon, Showman and Fusion.


We say:  This is a hard blade to make, and Lister is the only manufacturer to do so.  The popularity grows year on year.  When will the other clipper manufacturers give this type of blade a go?

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