ShowSheen  Hair Polish & Detangler

ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler

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1.19 L with pump dispenser

ShowSheen® is a hair polish and detangler to make grooming that much easier and to give show ready results.  It coats each hair shaft to keep manes and tails tangle-free, while its conditioning action reduces static fly-aways. The coat becomes smooth and sleek, accentuating the body tone and definition of your horse. It also repels dust, dirt and stains, keeping your horse cleaner for longer.


  • Repels dust, dirt and stains to save significant grooming time
  • ShowSheen® is the leading hair polish in over 25 countries around the world
  • Suitable for horses, cattle, dogs, llamas, camels, goats, alpacas, pigs and sheep


For best results you should shampoo and rinse the animal thoroughly and remove excess water. Then apply ShowSheen to the coat and stroke hair flat with the palm of your hand or a fine brush.  For tails and mane, simply apply and comb through.  There is no need to wash ShowSheen off. To remove burrs and tangles, spray with ShowSheen then allow to dry before combing.  


We Say:  This makes grooming easier - a bit like a conditioner for human hair.  It's very easy to use, and can be used without shampooing the horse, if you just want a quick touch up or to remove burrs.


Please note: do not use this on the saddle area of the horse.



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