Hotline Buzzard and Falcon Electric Fence 12 Volt Energisers - review and sale offer

10 March 2024  |  Beth

Hotline Buzzard and Falcon Electric Fence 12 Volt Energisers - review and sale offer

Hotline Buzzard and Falcon 12 volt energisers - and why they are becoming so popular


Call me a proud Brit - but I love it when British brands do so well.  And this can be said of Hotline's line of electric fence energisers.  Hotline has recently increased the warranty on their energisers, across the board, to a generous 5 years.  This shows you how confident they are!  They are all made in Devon, and if there is a problem they are serviced, repaired or replaced in Devon.


The Buzzard and Falcon are particular favourites with farmers and smallholders due to their high power and the lovely sturdy stand they come with.  You can't underestimate the importance of having a robust stand in a muddy field with animals and probably lots of wind and rain - the the 'claw stand' makes it easy to confiedntly pop your energiser anywhere in the field. 


The energisers also have a handy on/off switch (no need to fiddle with the battery), and a high and low power setting, which is handy for training awkward animals and for being able to reduce the draw on your battery.  They also have an indicator to let you know if they are working, or if the power is running low.  And a buzzer sounds if you connect the battery incorrectly.  All the simple 'extra' features make the energiser easy to use.

The energiser also comes with good quality leads to go on to your fence and on to your earth stake.  You will need to add a 1 metre earth stake (possibly even 2 earth stakes for the Buzzard, if you have a long fence), and a 12 volt leisure battery of 75AH or higher.  The solar panel is an optional extra and makes complete sense if you have the budget.

Here are the technical specs:

The Buzzard:  This energiser can power up to 25km of fencing.

Stored Energy - 1.7/3.2 joules
Output Voltage (high) - 9000v
Output Voltage (low) - 6800v
Output Voltage @500ohms - 5500v/3800v
Approx battery Life: 3 weeks (75Ahr battery)

Maximum fence length - 25.0km
6x 50m Poultry Nets
20x 50mSheep Nets


The Falcon: This energiser can power up to 18km of fencing.

Stored Energy - 1.7 joules
Output Voltage (high) - 9000v
Output Voltage (low) - 7600v
Output Voltage @500ohms - 4500v/3800v
Approx battery Life: 4 weeks (75Ahr battery)

Maximum fence length - 18.0km
12 x 50mSheep Nets


For both of these energisers, we recommend a 12 volt leisure battery of 75Ah or higher.  You can pop a solar panel on top to help charge the battery (currently on sale for only £39.99 - a real bargain and they make life that bit easier).  You'll see the odd farmer using a 12 volt car battery they have lying around, which will do the job but doesn't work as well as a leisure battery and is not recommended.

The Buzzard is one of Hotline's top selling energisers and we think this is because it gives people peace of mind.  Farmers often end up purchasing a second or even third Buzzard because they know it lasts, is robust, powerful enough for all fences here in the UK and incredibly easy to use due to the sturdy stand.


The Buzzard is currently on sale for £145.83 (plus VAT) and the Flacon for £158.33 (plus VAT).  If you find it for a batter price anywhere else let us know and we will try to beat it.  We're a family run business and we want our customers to get the best possible prices and always try to be competitive.

To find our more or to order your Buzzard or Falcon at our sales prices, CLICK HERE!


Watch out very short video to see what's in the box and for a bit more information.

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