Liveryman Clippers and Blades On Sale 2024

4 March 2024  |  Beth



Liveryman clippers have long been a favourite with the equestrian crowd - in part due to the quality/price ratio!  And we are putting them on sale - yes - all Lister clippers and blades ON SALE!  Find them anywhere else, in stock, and we will try to beat the price.  We are a family run business and we want to be competitive and offer our customers the best price.  Don't be shy - let us know and save money.  Email

The mains Liveryman clipping range consists of:

  • Liveryman Black Beauty - back in stock!  Get it as a mains clipper, or as a cordless clipper with the battery pack (or get the mains version first, then add the battery pack later).  This is Lister's only full size clipper, able to handle any coat.  It has low vibrations and is comfortable to use, with a brushless motor.
  • Liveryman Classic Trimmer - significantly reduced in price and a great little trimmer that gets the job done (been a favourite for years)
  • Liveryman Flare - a small trimmer (smaller than the Classic) and a handy bit of kit for last minute tidying and for training nervous horses
  • Liveryman Harmony Plus - this is an 'all-in-one' machine, that can clip the whole body with a wide blade and trim with a narrow blade.  It is super for nervous horses and beginners and really good value.  The blades are pre-tensioned and clip on to the machine.  But make sure you groom your horse first and don't use it for horses with really coarse hair.


Blades Update!  Yes...finally...Liveryman has there own version of the popular Covercote blade (spelt Covercoat with Liveryman).  This gives the popular 5mm length look - nice and natural, great for pink skins and on trend in the UK at the moment.  Make sure you get the right fit - they offer a Liveryman fit and a Lister fit, for different clippers!  You want the Liveryman fit if you have the Black Beauty and the Lister fit if you have a Lister machine.


For more details and for the latest pricing and offers, visit:


Don't be shy - get in contact and ask us about clippers and pricing!  We are a family run business and we want you to get the right clipper at the right price!



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