Lister Eclipse Horse Clipper or Heiniger Xplorer - which is best?

4 March 2024  |  Beth

Lister Eclipse Horse Clipper or Heiniger Xplorer - which is best?

Lister Eclipse Vs Heiniger Xplorer vs Heiniger Xplorer Pro vs Liveryman Black Beauty


Most people don't buy horse clippers often...and is they are buying them often they probably bought the wrong one the first time around (easily done as there are some cheap imports).  Cordless horse clippers are by far the most popular clipper, if budget stretches to it.  They do cost a little more than a mains clipper, but they are easier to use and safer (no horse standing on the lead).  They don't have quite as much power as a heavy duty mains clipper, like the Lister Fusion, but the Lithium ion batteries allow these newer cordless clipper to have more beans than something like the Lister Star.

There are 3 full size cordless horse clippers worth considering.  

  • Lister Eclipse, made here in the UK. 2 year warranty.
  • Heiniger Xplorer, made in Switzerland. 3 year warranty.
  • Liveryman Black Beauty, assembled in Ireland (parts from all over).  2 year warranty.

Lister Eclipse: Lister holds the Royal Warrant and has been making clippers (and shears) for decades.  The Eclipse was launched in 2022, replacing the Lister Liberty.  The Eclipse is lovely to use - comfortable, with good power and low noise.  It takes the full range of Lister blades, which includes the A2F (1.4mm length), the A2 (2.4mm), the Coarse blade (2.4mm for coarse coats) and the popular Covercote (5mm - great for a natural look and for pink skins).  The batteries are easy to charge and easy to use - they sit in the handle of the clipper and charging takes approx 130 minutes and a full battery will run the clipper for approximately 130 minutes.

  • Light - only 845g
  • Powerful - 2500 rpm
  • Quiet with low vibrations
  • Brushless motor
  • Lithium ion battery, with button on battery to show how much charge is left
  • 214mm long, with a grip diameter of 42mm
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Takes full range of Lister clipper blades
  • Battery is in handle of clipper and reasonable to replace, should it ever be necessary
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • Lister holds the Royal Warrant


Heiniger Xplorer: The Xplorer is fractionally more expensive than the Eclipse.  It also has 1 year extra warranty, and is slightly quieter and has slightly lower vibrations.  It takes Heiniger blades, which includes Fine, Medium and Thoroughbred options - but no Covercote equivalent (so no 5mm length option).  It clips for up to 120 minutes and has a 90 minute recharge time.

  • Lithium Ion high performance battery
  • Up to 120 minutes of clipping  and only takes 90 minutes to charge
  • Lightweight, weighs only 990 grams with battery
  • Slim easy to hold and use
  • Quiet running
  • No power cord freedom to clip where ever you need to
  • Charge level indicator built in to the charging unit so you can see the status of the batteries charge
  • main grip point at 15.2 cm (where the thumb and first finger sit). The main part of the handle is 17 cm around. The clipper is 29 cm long not including blades.
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Made in Switzerland

Heiniger Xplorer Pro: This is Heiniger's latest clipper.  It is slightly more than the Xplorer, but it has more power and 2 speeds (the only cordless machine with 2 speeds).  This is, arguably, the very best machine in the market....but the price point shows that!  You don't really need this much power, or 2 speeds, so don't feel pressured to go this high end, unless you love a machine with power or are a pro.

  • Battery voltage: 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 2850 mAh
  • Speed: 2450/2900 dbs/min
  • Length: 300 mm
  • Weight: 975 g
  • Battery charging time: 90 minutes

But wait....what about the Heiniger Saphir Horse, you ask?!  This is an 'all-in-one' machine, that serves as a clipper and a trimmer.  It is less expensive than a full size machine and designed for those with 1 horse with a normal coat, not in a hurry.  If you go at a steady pace and make sure you groom the horse before clipping it is a great option because it is quieter than a full size machine, plus the blades are pre tensioned so it is good for a beginner.  The Liveryman Harmony Plus is similar - but is essentially a cheaper but less powerful version of the Saphir Horse.  These 'all-in-one' machines are great if you have the time to do it all properly and slowly.


Liveryman Black Beauty:  This clipper launched years ago with rave user reviews...and a few technical issues which were quickly ironed out.  Liveryman then had trouble keeping up with demand.  It is a good clipper, and one of the last of the codless clippers that has a battery pack that sits around the waist (instead of in the handle of the clipper).  Liveryman has just launched their own version of the Covercoat blade (5mm) and also offers a Medium blade and a Fine blade.  At FarmCare, we always let our customers pick the best blades for their needs (rather than being stuck with whatever blade the manufacturer put on the machine - blades costs a lot, so we think it is worth getting the right one!).


So...which one?  The Heiniger Xplorer Pro is top of the pick for quality and performance, but most people don't need to go to that extreme.  If you need a quiet full size clipper, go for the Heiniger Xplorer.  If you want a Covercote blade and a great quality British clipper, go for the Eclipse.  If you want the cheapest 'quality' cordless clipper have a look at the smaller machines like the Heiniger Saphir horse or the Liveryman Harmony Plus.


At FarmCare we are always happy to switch the blade and will try to beat any other Lister, Heiniger or Liveryman price, if it is in stock in the UK.  Support a family run business and let us help you select the best clipper and the best blade for your needs - at the best price!


Email our friendly team at and we will be happy to help or beat a price!



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