4ft WHITE Standard  Fence Posts

4ft WHITE Standard Fence Posts

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Bar Code:  47CP14H-10Part Number:  47CP14H-10Brand:  Hotline
Electric Fencing 4ft White Plastic Fence Post

Total length of 140 cm including the spike .

Once in the ground the posts are 117cm tall

They have a total of 9 loops to take 20mm / 40mm tape as well as rope or twine.

Tough plastic construction and a thick metal spike to resist bending

Electric Fencing posts are sold in bundles of 10

It is recommended that posts are placed approximately 8 to 10 meters apart. If you have undulating ground or an irregular shaped fence, you may need to place them closer together.  The closer the posts, the stronger the fence.  Tape and rope should not be allowed to sag.

Don't want white posts ? We also have  GREEN 4ft electric fencing posts

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Please note, the mould of the posts does change from time to time (usually to make improvements) so they may look very slightly different to the pictures in the image.

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