New Lister Lithium Battery for Liberty and Libretto Clippers

New Lister Lithium Battery for Liberty and Libretto Clippers

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Part Number:  258-39560Brand:  Lister


NEW for 2018 - Lister Lithium Battery - for Liberty and Libretto Clippers

(Please note: the new battery comes with an option to include an adaptor so it can be used on both the older Classic Liberty and Libretto Clippers and the NEW Lithium Liberty and Libretto Clippers)

Lister have now released a NEW version of the Liberty clipper, with a brand new more powerful and more modern lithium battery pack.  This battery pack is an improvement on the old battery pack because:

- it is more efficient and more powerful, making the clipper run faster

- 2.5 hours clipping time

- it recharges in 4 hours 

- its has an LED light to let you know when the battery is getting low

- the battery slows down when it is close to depleted and stops with 10% battery life still left.  This protects your battery (batteries should never be allowed to run completely flat).

- the connection between the clipper and the battery is stronger



Buy the battery by itself, or with the battery charger.  


Please note, the old Classic battery charger will NOT charge the new Lithium battery.

Lithium Battery Charger

Lithium Adaptor Cable, so you can run your Classic Liberty or Libretto Clipper (pre October 2018) from the NEW Lithium battery

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