Fenceman B430 Energiser - 2 power settings, ideal for cheeky horses - up to 3km

Fenceman B430 Energiser - 2 power settings, ideal for cheeky horses - up to 3km

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Part Number:  111283Brand:  Fenceman
Fenceman B430 9v Electric Fencing Energiser
Exceptionally easy to use, with a useful range of features including 2 power settings.
The B430 is capable of powering longer electric fences of up to 3 km. It can also give a a meaningful shock to more "challenging" livestock.  Turn the energiser to the 'high' setting to train your animals and give them a good initial shock.  Once the animals have learnt not to touch the fence, you can turn the energiser down to a lower setting to preserve battery life.
Because this unit is so light and compact even with the battery inside, it is ideal for taking to overnight shows where a quick temporary fence is required.  
This energiser is made in Ireland and has a 2 year warranty.  
High Power 0.3J
Maximum distance 3 km
Battery Life
55Ah battery - Up to 1.5 months
150Ah battery - Up to 4.5 months
Low Power 0.15J
Maximum distance 1.5km
Battery Life
55Ah battery  - Up to 3 months
150Ah battery - Up to 9 months


Battery Warning Light
1 x Flash under 7.75 v - Time to buy a replacement battery
2 x Flash under 6.20v - Change battery
3x Flash +Warning BEEP under 4.8v -  Change battery NOW*
* Note the energiser is now operating a slow pulse and low power

Comes with :
B430 Energiser
Earth stake with stand
Fence connection cable
FREE 90Ah battery


B430 Instructons PDF

We Say:

With  the high power setting the B430 energiser is a very useful unit. To conserve battery life we sugest customers run the unit on high power for a week so the livestock learn that the fence bites, then switch to low power to conserve battery life.


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