Clamp Insulators

Clamp Insulators

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Part Number:  14990C


Clamp Insulators for Tape

"Tough permanent insulators for permanent fences"

Can be used for 20 mm and 40 mm electric fencing tape plus 6 mm rope.

Improved design - Easy to use.

One piece design which is strong and easy to close with new high grip design to really hold the tape without damaging it.
The tape / rope slots in and the top of the insulator which then clips down, holding the tape or rope in place at every post.
In the event of a break in the tape it will not move beyond the next clamp insulator.

Also by stopping the tape's movement it will minimize wear and flapping which is useful for 40mm tape in windy of exposed positions.

Available in packs of 40, 80, 120


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