Distance Clip Insulator for 20mm & 40mm  Electric Fence Tape

Distance Clip Insulator for 20mm & 40mm Electric Fence Tape

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Part Number:  114503

The Distance Clip Insulator holds both 20mm and 40mm tape about 16 cm - 20 cm away from the fence.  The insulator holds the tape in place, keeping it taut and preventing the wind from blowing it in and out of the insulators and preventing wear and tear.  

Has a 16 cm long screw threaded support for use on wooden posts.

By putting the electric fence 16 cm - 20 cm away from the physical fence it makes it a lot harder for the animal enclosed (probably a horse) to bite or chew the fence or for the enclosed animal to reach over and bite another.

It is also used to reinforce an existing permanent fence (stock or barbed wire fencing) where having the electric fence closer might cause it to touch and earth the electric fence. In the case of barbed wire anything to keep horses away has got to be good news.

Please note the insulators may differ slightly from the picture.

Comes in Packets of 10 or 50.

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