9 Volt Equine PLUS Starter Kit - for challenging animals - regular or Tall posts

9 Volt Equine PLUS Starter Kit - for challenging animals - regular or Tall posts

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Equine PLUS Electric Fencing Starter Kit

The kit that lets you have longer fences - or keep in more challenging horses.


Need an electric fence starter kit that gives you more flexibilty? Don't want the tie of having to recharge bulky 12v  batteries ever few weeks?
The Fenceman B430 electric fencing energiser gives the best of both worlds. On low power the B430 gives the same shock as the B12 energiser that is used in the standard equine kit. At the push of a button you can switch to high power that virtually doubles the output, hopefully ensuring even the cheekiest pony learns to respect the fence.

The kit comes with enough tape and posts to fence 100 metres of double lined electric fence. It comes in green or white, and you can add on extra posts and tape as needed.

This kit is of high quality. The tape and the energiser are made in the UK. The fence posts comes from Germany.  There are a lot of poor quality posts and tape in the market that comes from Asia and get brittle and easily snap and bend when in use - please be cautious!


What comes in the Kit

  • B430 9v energiser with 55Ah battery (made in the UK)
  • 20 x 3ft posts in white or green (strong posts - made in Germany)
  • 200 meters 20mm tape in white or green (made in the UK)
  • 1 x gate handle
  • 4 x ring insulators (these are for finishing off the fence to a tree or a gate post, if required)
  • 1 x warning sign

More Details on the Energiser
The B430 Energiser is made in Ireland and takes disposable 9 volt batteries.  A replacement 9 Volt battery costs £14.99. 

High Power 0.3J
Maximum distance 3 km
Battery Life
55Ah - Up to 1.5 months
150 ah Up to 4.5 months

Low Power 0.15J
Maximum distance 1.5km
Battery Life
55Ah - Up to 3 months
150aH Up to 9 months

  • 1x 55aH battery so it is ready to work
  • Self contained sitting on its own earth stake
  • Built in handle
  • Designed for fencing horses
  • Battery can be upgraded to give nearly one year of constant running.
  • Powers up to 6 km of fence
  • 3 Year Warranty

B430 Instructons PDF

Comes with 20 x 3ft white poly posts
To add extra posts to a kit please add them from the links below
3ft white posts

Add an extra roll of tape!

If you do not see what you require here please contact us and we can put together a kit to suit you.

We Say:

The big advantage of this kit is that the Fenceman B430 is light even with a 150aH battery in it. If you do not fancy carrying heavy 12v batteries about this is the kit for you. You can also turn up the power if your horse or pony is challenging the fence, or turn down the power if you want to save some battery!


This kit has everything you need to set up an electric fence.  You may also wish to add an electric fence tester for trouble shooting and a tape-to-tape connector so you can easily make BOTH lines of tape live.


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