Fenceman DP350B - for short fences - uses D-Cell or 12 volt batteries

Fenceman DP350B - for short fences - uses D-Cell or 12 volt batteries

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Fenceman DP350B 6v-12v Electric Fencing Energiser


This is a very versatile energsier, great for strip grazing and dividing up small fields.  It can run from the included 4 x D-cell batteries and power up to 400m of electric fencing.  It can also run from a 12 volt battery (this battery is not included) and will power up to 3km with this type of battery.

The energiser comes with an integrated earth stake and stand, plus all the cables you need to attach to the earth stake and fence.

In the box you get 4 x batteries plus the usual live cable, earth stake and earth lead so it is ready to work.  You also get a 12 Volt battery adapter cable.

The DP350B has a clever battery saving feature, it can have its pulse rate altered from 60 pulses per minute down to 20 per minute. This feature can more than double the life of the batteries ( 6v or 12v ).

There is an LED light that blinks with every pulse and blinks rapidly if the battery is running low.



Output Joules D cells       0.15 J
Output Joules 12v battery 0.4J
Voltage @ 500 ohms D cells 2040v
Voltage at 500 ohms  12v battery 3250v


We Say:

The popular energiser has been around for a few years now and it still represents great value. To keep a fat pony from getting any bigger this energiser is a good choice .

This energiser is also available as part of a kit.

Watch our very short video to find out more about the Fenceman DP350B


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