Foal Birth Alarm

Foal Birth Alarm

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Keep your horse and foal safe, with the Foal Birth Alarm.

This alarm will alert up to 4 mobile phones when contractions start.  This premium version comes with a sleep setting for mares that sleep lying down, which increases the reliability of the system.  The transmitter is attached to the mare's back in an anti roll girth or to the halter and can be used both indoors and out. Can also send a message by SMS. Very easy to install and operate.


We think:  Thank goodness for modern technology!  If your budget can stretch to it, this is a wonderful and reassuring device to help you keep your horse and foal safe.  Very easy to use and exciting to know your phone will let you know the second the contractions start!


Foal Birth Alarm Manual: /user/Foal-birth-alarm-multiple-engpdf.pdf


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