Gallagher BA80 energiser - 7 year guarantee - up to 10km

Gallagher BA80 energiser - 7 year guarantee - up to 10km

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Part Number:  356358Brand:  Gallagher

Gallagher BA80 Electric Fence Energiser - with 7 year guarantee

This is Gallagher's highest power 9 volt electric fence energisers, suitable for fences of up to 10 km (with one wire).  It takes 9 volt batteries - we recommend the 150Ah or higher with this energiser.  It has a light to warn you of the battery is getting low.  It has a handle so it is easy to carry.  And if you register it on the Gallagher website it has a 7 year warranty.

This energizer also has 2 different modes. In mode 1 the energizer provides a standard pulse with maximum Joules. In mode 2 the energizer provides 1 pulse of 100% followed by 3 pulses of 50%. It means the battery lasts much longer and you are still sure to have sufficient power on your fencing.

This energiser is simple, but high quality and, in field conditions, is great for fences of about 4 km or under.

This energiser needs a 9 volt battery (option to include the battery in the drop down menu) and a 1m earth stake (not included).

 Supplied with a connection cable set. Excludes battery and earth stake.

- Maximum output voltage (V): 9600
- Charging energy (J): 0.8
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.3
- Number of earthing rods required: 1 x 1 m
- No vegetation (km) (recommended): 10
- Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 5
- Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 3
- Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 4


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