Gallagher MBS1800I Energiser 14 Joules

Gallagher MBS1800I Energiser 14 Joules

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Gallagher MB1800i fence energiser

The flexibility of a Multi-power energiser, combined with the power and intelligence of the i Series. The MBS1800i energiser is suitable for fencing up to a length of 65km. The energiser provides information about the performance of the energiser on the supplied external display, so you can always see whether there is enough voltage on the fencing. The multi-power option makes this energiser suitable for use with a battery, a solar panel, or mains. There are also plenty of optional accessories to give you even more insight into the performance of your fencing. A versatile and reliable energiser.

The energiser has adaptive control, meaning that if it detects a short on the fence it will automatically increase the charge to compensate, ensuring reliable, high performance livestock control. 

A unique aspect of i Series energisers is the external display - which shows all of your fence information (e.g. voltage, faults and fault location) in a convenient location up to *50 metres from the energiser. *(3m wire included)

The energiser can also be operated and turned on/off from the external display and you get immediate notification of power loss e.g. if a branch has fallen onto the fence or a wire has been cut. 

You switch off the fencing on site with the (optional available) remote control and repair the fault quickly, you then use the remote control to switch the fencing on again.

The Gallagher MBS1800i can be expanded with various i Series accessories, including an i Series alarm system, flashing light, fencing monitor(s) and an SMS module.

- Maximum output voltage (V): 7000
- Charging energy (J): 14
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 10
- Number of earthing rods required: 5 x 2 m
- No vegetation (km) (recommended): 65
- Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 43
- Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 17
- Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 75
  • Suitable for multiple wire fences up to 65 km
  • Multi power option - can be run on mains or battery power. Mains power adapter not included
  • An intelligent fence system that provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately
  • Monitor the status of your fence and operate your energiser from a convenient location, with the external display
  • When combined with the optional i Series SMS module you will receive a message on your mobile phone or alarm centre in the event of a power cut
  • Locates and reports faults immediately
  • Fence can be turned on/ off by remote control (available separately).
  • Full control over your fencing when you use a maximum of 6 fencing monitors (optional)
  • Adaptive control ensures reliable, high performance livestock control
  1. Horse
  2. Cow
  3. Sheep
  4. Game
  5. Goat
Unit in package 1
With display (Led/LCD) Yes
Vegetation Considerable
Advice Fence without growth (km) 43
Voltage 12

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