7 Year Guarantee
Gallagher S40 Solar Energiser All-In-One - 7 year warranty - up to 5km - 0.2 Joule

Gallagher S40 Solar Energiser All-In-One - 7 year warranty - up to 5km - 0.2 Joule

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7 Year Warranty!


Limited Quantities at this sale price!


The Gallagher S40 is one of the most popular mid range Solar energisers, with all the clever technology of the high end energisers. It can power up to 5km of fencing, although 1.5km is more realistic on a multi-wire fence.  It has a built in solar panel, rechargeable battery and 7 year warranty (when registered with Gallagher) - all as standard. With a revamped, intelligent battery management system, it can power your fence for up to 3 weeks without any sunlight. With its water proof housing, this is a powerful and durable unit designed to be left outside in all weather conditions.

The S40 also features two power options, running at full power during daylight hours and using slower pulses for night time when livestock is typically less active.  

This energiser really is incredibly easy to use and those who use them, never want to go back to anything else!

Energiser Specs:

  • Stored Energy (Joules) - 0.4 Joules
  • Property Size (Ha / Ac) - 2 ha / 5 acres
  • Single Wire Distance Maximum Length (Km / miles) - 5km
  • Multiwire Distance Ideal Conditions (Km / miles) - 5km
  • Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended (Km / miles) - 1.5km
  • Output Energy (Joules) - 0.26 Joules
  • Height - 275mm
  • Depth - 305mm
  • Width or Length - 205mm
  • Power Source Rechargeable battery included

Energiser Details:

  • 7 year warranty on energiser, if you register it online with Gallagher. 
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to move to different locations.
  • With energy saving night mode/random mode
  • Solar power operation is ideal for remote locations or permanent installation on small farms.
  • Economical with rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days, for reliable performance.
  • Energizer and solar panel are fully modular
  • 6 volt rechargeable battery included (although not included in 7 year warranty).
  • Can sit on ground, mounts on top of a T-Post, or hangs on a wooden post or barn wall.
  • Uses any type of fence wire, including Polywire, Polytape and Polyrope. 
  • Indicator light flashes with each fence pulse and tells you at a glance that the Energizer is working.
  • High impact and UV resistant plastic case for maximum durability.  Extremely tough!
  • Weatherproof, non-rusting, insect-proof case for outdoor use.
  • Ideal for temporary fencing, for gardens and pets.
  • Compact and portable.

Includes battery.  

No separate battery or solar panel to connect. Just place on the ground and push in your earth stake . Connect to the fence and switch on.......

For short ish fences where a heavy 12v batteries are not practical this is a dream.

What we say:  This is a premium energiser, and it comes with a 7 year guarantee.  It's the toughest of all the solar energisers and is built to last.

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