Hotshock ABN5

Hotshock ABN5

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Hotshock ABN5
Battery energiser, 0.5J Input, 0.37J Output
For fences up to 6km with no load and 1.1km with heavy load
3-phase battery indicator light
Possible to use with 9volt dry battery, 12 volt special battery and 240 volt mains energy
With inbuilt solar charge regulator – easy recharging with super vlies special batteries
Dual energiser: Energiser can be used on 12 volt battery and 230volt mains at the same time. Primarily the energiser is running on 230 volts and is charging the 12 volt battery. If the 230volt mains supply fails, the energiser runs on the 12 volt battery.
Included in delivery:
Fence and earth connection cable with strengthened plastic cover
Earth stake included
3 year warranty
Stored energy 0,5 Joule
Voltage 9/12/230 Volt
Possible netting connection 3 x 50 m
max. Output 0,37 J
max. voltage 13.000 V
max. voltage 500 Ohm 3.800 V
max. fence length (CEE) 10 km
max. fence length with no load 6 km
max. fence length with heavy load 1,1 km

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