Lister Cavalier Comb and Cutter Sheep Shear Set

Lister Cavalier Comb and Cutter Sheep Shear Set

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Lister Cavalier Sheep Shear Comb and Cutter Pack


The convenient Countryrange Cavalier comb and cutter pack can be used with the Skorpion and Outback handpieces and the Fusion Shear and is suitable for all general shearing needs.  It also works with all Heiniger handpieces and has a 'standard' fitting.  It is suitable for sheep and cattle.  It's safe to use and an excellent choice for small holders and those with smaller flocks of sheep.

Designed to suit shearers of all levels and abilities, the Cavalier comb is a medium comb for fine wool and general shearing. The Lister Claw cutter is hot-pressed and precision-ground for guaranteed consistency.

Comb is 92mm wide with 5mm bevel

Pack includes:

1 x Cavalier comb

2 x Claw cutters


We say: The Cavalier Comb is great for actually shearing the sheep, due to it's wide comb.


You may also wish to look at the Countryman Comb, which is more of a tailing/dagging comb you would use to tidy up dirty bums or dirty cattle! 

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