Livestock Three Reel System

Livestock Three Reel System

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The Live Stock Reel System is often used for sheep, cattle or adult pigs. The big advantage of a reel system is it cuts down the time (and frustration) it takes to move a fence line.

The Standard Live Stock Reel has a strong metal frame with an ABS reel.
Adjustable over run brake to stop the drum from free wheeling and creating a knot.
Ratchet lock allows you to make a line tight and then lock the drum in position.

The complete system:

1x 3ft galvanised steel post
3 x galvanised steel reel mounts
3 x Livestock  Reel

The Reel can hold :
Typically 1000m of twine* (1500m of eco twine)
Typically 500m of 20mm tape*
Typically 200m of 40mm tape*

*Please note this is an approximate number.
The reel has a drum lock, and a drag brake to help prevent drum over run.

The reels seat in to strong galvanised steel mounts - once in they are securely held.

The Steel post has a double spike so it can be easily pushed in and more importantly has a strong grip on the ground.


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