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Trapper AN24 Dual Power Energiser - up to 12Km

Trapper AN24 Dual Power Energiser - up to 12Km

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Trapper AN24 Electric Fencing Energiser.
Dual Power
Powerful Output
FREE earth stake!

This Energiser gives you the best of both worlds, It can be clipped on to a 12v battery and used to power a fence in the middle of a field.
Plug in the provided adapter and the AN24 energiser is a mains powered unit , no more batteries to worry about.
This is give the maximum flexibility so it can adapt to your changing fencing requirements.

Comes with :
AN24 Energiser unit
12v power leads
240v -12v mains adapter
Live and Earth Fencing leads
FREE Earth Stake 0.5m

Specifications :

Stored power;2.4 Joules.
Output power; 1.2 Joules
Volts no load; 8600v.    500 Ohm load; 4100v
Max fence length; 12 km.    Realistic length; 6 km.
Input   12v 140mA
The Trapper AN24 will power up to 6 nets.
2 Year Warranty

We Say:
Mains and 12v in the same unit, so easy and at a very sensible price,  plus with three in the range there is a unit to suit most requirements. If you don't want to charge your 12 volt battery, have you thought about adding a solar panel?

Note: if you intend to use this as a mains energiser, you will need lead out wire to run from the energiser to your fence. 

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