Trapper AN24 with Solar Panel

Trapper AN24 with Solar Panel

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Trapper AN24 SOLAR Electric Fencing Energiser.

Dual Power
Powerful Output

This Energiser gives you the best of both worlds, It can be clipped on to a 12v battery and used to power a fence in the middle of a field.
Plug in the provided adapter and the AN24 energiser is a mains powered unit , no more batteries to worry about.
This is give the maximum flexibility so it can adapt to your changing fencing requirements.

Comes with :
AN24 Energiser unit
12v power leads
240v -12v mains adapter
Live and Earth Fencing leads
Earth Stake 0.5m

Specifications :

Stored power;2.4 Joules.
Output power; 1.2 Joules
Volts no load; 8600v.    500 Ohm load; 4100v
Max fence length; 12 km.    Realistic length; 6 km.
Input   12v 140mA
The Trapper AN24 will power up to 6 nets.
2 Year Warranty

Solar Panel Features :
Size: 350mm x 280mm x 25mm
Supplied with factory fitted aluminium frame
Supplied with approx 2ft cables and crocodile clips, easily extended
Multiple pieces can be connected to acquire higher power
Ideal to charge 12 Volt batteries of all types
Completely weather-proof, ideal for outside and inside use

Standard Kit comes with :

10w solar panel
AN24 12v energiser
AN24 mains adapter
Live and earth leads
0.5 meter earth stake

We Say:

Solar power is now so easy and cheap , just clip the solar panel on to your battey and face the panel due south. We have found typically the solar panel will support the energier for most of spring , summer and autum . It may be necassery to top up the battery in the darker months when the light levels are poor.

Of couse with the AN24 energiser you have also got the abiltity to run the unit directly from the 240v mains should your situation make that possible.

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