Solar Panel to Charge 12 Volt Battery - easy to use - just clips on top

Solar Panel to Charge 12 Volt Battery - easy to use - just clips on top

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10 Watt Solar Panel to Charge Your 12 Volt Battery - save money on electricity and help the environemnt

Tough and Completely Weather Proof

This solar panel will make life so much easier (and slightly cheaper)!  Just attach it to on top of your 12 volt battery with the included clips, make sure it has a direct view of the sun and is facing due South...and leave it to charge your battery!  No more lugging a big heavy 12 volt battery across the field. This solar panel will keep your battery fully charged throughout most of the year.  During the darkest winter months you should keep an eye on your battery and may need to bring it in for a couple of boosts on the mains.  This solar panel is ideal for most energisers.  Very powerful energisers, with over 2 joules output are better suited to larger solar panels, although this solar panel would still reduce the amount you need to charge your battery.

Solar panels are definitely the way of the future. Prices have come down and they are very reliable and extremely tough. We wouldn't be without ours...we're saving on our electricity bill and helping the environemt!

This panel uses THIN FILM technology that allows the panel to absorb a wider spectrum of natural light. This allows the panel to provide power even on cloudy days. The 10w panel delivers a continuous trickle feed, maintaining and extending the life of any 12-volt battery and delivers up to 65wh per day. It is fitted with a blocking diode to prevent reverse current drain. 

Features :
Size: 350mm x 280mm x 25mm
Supplied with factory fitted aluminium frame
Supplied with approx 2ft cables and crocodile clips, easily extended
Multiple pieces can be connected to acquire higher power
Ideal to charge 12 Volt batteries of all types
Completely weather-proof, ideal for outside and inside use

Technical Specifications:

Size 397x280x25mm

Weight (Kg) 1.3

*Watts per day (W) 60

*Amp hours per day (A) 3.48

Charge controller N/A

Vmp (VDC) nominal voltage 17.5

Imp (A) nominal current 0.58

Voc (V) 22

Isc (A) short circuit current 0.64

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating IP65

*Watts and Amp hours/day based on six hours of average daily peak sunshine hours.

Please note:

  • The panel is made of glass and whilst it is strong it cannot be placed where hooves etc can come in contact with it ......
  • In the UK solar is a 3 season solution and cannot be expected to deliver adequate power during the winter months. During the darkest winter months it will still be necessary to monitor the charge in the battery (look for the battery warning light) and top up from a mains source if required.

Watch our short video to see 'what's in the box and find out a little more

Click here to download solar panel instructions.  Please note, the solar panel comes with the wires attached.  All you need to do is attach the crocodile clips to your battery.

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