Gallagher B10 Energiser for Small Fences - 7 year warranty - up to 1km

Gallagher B10 Energiser for Small Fences - 7 year warranty - up to 1km

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Gallagher B10 Energiser - 7 Year Guarantee!

Ideal for strip grazing and small fences, the Gallagher B10 Electric Fence Energiser simply attaches directly to the fence line and there is a single clip to connect to the earth stake. It runs off 6 x D-Cell batteries (not included). The batteries will run the fence for approximately 3 months, depending upon the length and condition of your fence.  It can power up to 1 km of fencing.

This energiser is very portable - almost pocket size - but comes with a 7 year guarantee (once you register it online). It has a built-in indicator light, lightening protection, night-save option and an on-off switch.

The energiser can also run from a 12 volt battery, although the leads are not included and the beauty of this energiser is its simplicity of use.


Power supply: 6 x 1.5v D Cell Batteries
Output Volts: 7900v
Output under heavy load: 1200v
Stored Energy: 0.1 joules
Output energy: 0.07 joules
Max Fence Length: 1 km
Earth stake not included. 50cm earth stake or larger required.

Please note: All Gallagher energisers carry a 2 year manufacturer's warranty which can be upgraded for FREE to 7 years with online registration.

We Say: For a small simple set up, we love this energiser. The 7 year guarantee is pretty amazing for something at this price point.

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