Best Electric Cattle Clippers 2021

20 February 2021  |  Admin

Best Electric Cattle Shears and Clippers 2021


In the UK with clip a lot of cattle, and most farmers use an electric shear or clipper.  There are 2 clear leading brands - Heiniger and Lister Shearing, and having the right equipment is key.

We all know that, ideally, a cordless clipper would be most convenient.  In practise, the cordless clipper options aren't currently quite man enough for the job (but watch this space - rumour has it that this could change shortly).  Your only real cordless option is the Heiniger Xplorer - but it's not quite powerful enough for some jobs and can end up disappointing.

There are a couple of great 12 volt battery options, which gives you a bit more freedom.  The Lister Laser 2 has long been a favourite.  It has power and is comfortable to use.   The Lister Fusion 12 Volt Shear is even better, with 2 speeds and more power - it is Lister's latest model.  Heiniger offers a !2 Volt Sheep and Cattle Shear (the name says it all!).  

Then come the mains options.  There is more choice here and this is what most people opt for.  For cattle you can use a traditional horse head, or a traditional shear head.  These heads take slightly different blades.  

12 Volt Battery shear options:

Heiniger 12 Volt:  £367.99

Lister Laser 2 12 volt:  £391.99

Traditional horse head cattle shear options:

  • Lister Fusion - with 2 speeds (2 year warranty)  £320.00 - with a FREE second set of blades (special offer)
  • Heiniger Xperience - with 2 speeds (3 year warranty)  £320.00
  • Heiniger Handy - a real workhorse (2 year warranty)  £275.99
  • Heiniger Xplorer - £349.99

Blade choice: always select the 'Coarse' blade (Lister for the Lister clippers and Heiniger for the Heiniger clippers - they are not interchangeable)

Traditional sheep shear cattle head options:

  • Lister Fusion - with 2 speeds (2 year warranty)  £330.00
  • Heiniger Xpert - with 2 speeds (3 year warranty)  £372.99
  • Heiniger Xtra (3 year warranty)  £372.99

Comb and cutter choice: Standard Farmers Pack - with Ovina comb and Jet cutter


What's more, the Fusion clipper has a horse head or shear attachment, and the Heiniger clippers also have a horse head or shear attachment - so if you have a variety of livestock, you may wish to buy one main body, and different heads!  The heads are extra.

To see all the traditional cattle shear options, click here:

To see all the traditional cattle clipper options, click here:


So which would we pick?  For really dirty animals, we'd use a shear head, with the Heiniger Ovina comb and Jet or Diamond cutters (getting the Standard farmers Pack is a good choice).   You can use Heiniger or Lister blades on any of the shear heads (they are interchangeable).  For clipper heads, you can only use Heiniger blades on Heiniger machines and Lister blades on Lister machines.

For slightly cleaner animals looking for a show or market finish, we'd pick the clipper head, with a Coarse blade.  

The Heiniger Xtra is great for clipping really dirty animals.  It is not fancy - but it has loads of power.  You could add a clipper head, if you want the clipper blade choice for show/market purposes.

The Laser 12 Volt is a great option if you want the freedom of a battery run clipper.  The Heiniger Xplorer is also worth considering, but I wouldn't use it for really dirty back-ends!

The Lister Fusion is a great 2 speed option - you can select either a clipper or shear (or have both heads for one machine).  

Here is a link to all the Cattle Electric clipper and shear options:

Here is a link to the Heiniger and Lister Shearing Comb and Cutters and Cattle Blades - we strongly advise sticking to good quality blades:


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