Electric Fencing for Poultry - Beginners Guide

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing for Poultry – beginners guide

Electric fencing for chickens


Electric fencing for chickens

Keep your chickens safe with an electric fence

Electric poultry netting is an easy and affordable way to keep your poultry safe. It can be used for small or large areas, to contain all types of poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and turkey. It will also keep out predators, including foxes, dogs, cats and badgers. It’s easy to move around your electric fencing, so the birds can be given fresh pasture, as required.

All you need to get started is:

  • An energiser (either mains, or battery powered)
  • A source of power (mains, or battery)
  • Poultry electric fencing mesh
  • Guy ropes
  • Posts
  • Corner posts are optional, although most people find them very useful
  • Pegs
  • Warning sign
  • Most people like to have an electric fencing gate to enable easy access to their birds, although this is not mandatory.

Poultry netting can be easily tied together. Our nets come in 50 meter and 25 meter rolls and you simply tie one net to the next, to make up the exact length you require.

To make it easy for people getting started with their first poultry electric fencing, we have put together a value kit with all the basics. We are happy to adapt the kit to suit your needs, or to help you deign your very own value kit. We help people get started with electric fencing every day, and all questions are welcome. Electric fencing is far easier than it seems!


FarmCare Xtra Value Kit $189.99

This Boxed kit has all the essentials you need to set up an electric poultry fence with the added bonus of a Powerful  Dual power electric fencing  energiser so the fence can be run from a 12v battery or direct from the mains. Contents: 50 Meter Green close mesh poultry net This net is 110 cm high and has all of its main posts built in. 4 x double spiked corner posts 6 x ground pegs to help hold the bottom line down and to follow ground contours Guy ropes and a repair kit for the net Warning Sign Trapper AN12 Dual Power energiser 1.2J stored 0.8J output Comes with 0.5m galvanised  earth stake Live and earth lead Mains adapter to allow the AN12 to run direct from the mains power The AN12 energiser has a two year warranty Please note 12v battery NOT included


Xtra Value Poultry Kit Everything you need to get started. 189.99


Xtra Value Poultry Kit
Everything you need to get started.

Gate for Poultry netting: £34.80


Hot Gate


Hot Gate

12v battery: £69.99


Leisure batteries are the best battery option for energisers.


Leisure batteries are the best battery option for energisers.


Extra posts: £3.75


50 metre electric fencing net: £99.99


25 metre electric fencing net: £69.50



We help people get started with electric fencing everyday. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions. We are a family run business based in Sussex, England and ship worldwide.

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