Review of Solar Energisers

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Review of AS20, AS35, AS70 solar electric fencing energisers

The AS series of solar electric fencing energisers for Horizont.

For 2015 the electric fencing manufacturer Horizont announced a new range of solar electric fencing energisers . The AS series is a all in one style of unit with the solar panel and battery all built in to one convenient box.
There are three different models in the “AS” range with  increasing power output as you move up through the range. To support the higher output the AS35 and AS70  have higher capacity solar panels and in the case of the AS70 a larger battery.


AS20 solar electric fencing energiser


AS20 Solar Energiser

AS70 solar electric fencing energiser


AS35 Solar Energiser

AS70 solar electric fencing energiser


AS70 Solar energiser











The energisers come in a clear plastic clam pack with a earth wire to connect to the earth stake* and also a live wire to connect to the electric fence. Because solar power is not a perfect solution Horizont have included a mains battery charger so the battery can be topped up in depths of winter. This is a really nice idea along with the socket fitted to the out side of the case so it is east to charge the battery if required.

The battery it self is a seal lead gel type and is very easy to gain access to should it be required . The AS20 and AS35 have a 7ah 12v and the AS70 is a 12ah 12v . On one of the units we inspected for this review one of the wire had come lose in transit but it is a very easy matter to slide the spade connector back on. In normal use i can’t see the connectors coming lose.



Battery compartment locked

AS-energiser-catch removed


Twist and remove the catch to gain access to the battery compartment

AS-energiser-battery compartment open


Battery compartment of the AS solar energisers









  The Earth Stake.




T earth stake in position on an AS solar energiser

AS-energiser-showing earth stake in use


T earth stake in use on an AS 20 solar electric fencing energiser



* The earth stake.

Like so many manufacturers horizont do not include an earth stake as standard. Whilst any metal bar can be used to complete the earth circuit of the electric fence . At Farmcare Uk we include the correct earth stake with all the AS solar electric fence energisers and AS energiser based solar kits . The “T” earth stake is 1 meter long and the AS energisers can use them as a stand to get the solar panel out of the grass. Also the earth  wire provided with the energiser  has the correct sized ring connectors to allow easy connection.








Mains Charger in use for the AS solar electric fencing energiser


As I mentioned above all the AS energisers come with a 240v 1amp charger , there is a socketed fitted to the side of the case to make life easy. The charger has a red / green led fitted so you know that is working , charging or when the battery is full. It would be tempting to think this could be used long term as a mains option but this is not recommended. The wires from the socket are directly connected to the battery so very quickly ( 7-12 hours ) the battery would be charged and after 24 hours you start to damage the battery.

The battery is a gel lead type, sealed so it very safe to use but it has one Achilles heel . It cannot be overly discharged or left for any length of time in a low state of charge. If seriously neglected ie left with a low charge in a barn or tack room it will be damaged and not hold a charge when required . On a positive note they are relatively cheap, a 7ah being about £15 inc delivery.





In Use :

Once the energiser is sat out side in the sun there is one simple on off switch located just under the handle on the front. The switch also doubles as an indicator light. the light shows that the unit is on and functioning and when the light in permanently on and not flashing it shows the battery is getting low.

It is important to ensure the solar panel gets maximum sun light ( even on an overcast day the solar panel will generate a fair amount of power ) ideally point the unit due south and free from any shade during the bulk of the day. An energiser that is facing north will soon show a low battery light.
The AS solar energises have got solar charge regulators built in so even during the brightest summers they will not over charge the battery .


As ever, more power is better it gives a strong shock over a greater distance it also can help compensate for poor fencing conditions. The  AS70 with a 0.5 Joule out put is a decent shock and could even cope with short is sheep fencing  but that is reflected in the price.




Stored Joules 0.18

Out put joules 0.12

Strip grazing or short fences


Stored Joules 0.33

Out put joules 0.24

Strip grazing  medium fence  or 1 x 50 meter poultry net


Stored Joules 0.65

Out put joules 0.52

long fence for equestrian use  short fence of sheep  or 2 / 3 x 50 meter poultry nets


Conclusion :

For convenience this type of solar electric fencing energiser wins hands down. If your field has a clear view of the sky ( remember solar does NOT work in the shade ) and you match the output of the unit to your requirements  the AS solar energisers will make your life easier.  Yes you can have more power for less money the AN12 with a 10w solar panel and 85 ah 12v leisure battery cost £198.99  vs AS70 cost £219.99  but the AN12 is three separate items and not just one convenient box .


Please note all prices as at July 2015

The AS 20 solar energiser can be found here

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The AS 70 solar energiser can be found here


as 70 mini

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