Show Season is here - so get trimming!

7 May 2017  |  Admin

Show Season is Here – So Get Trimming!

It’s important to make your horse look its best for Competition Season.   Full clips may not be necessary, but a good pair of horse trimmers is essential.  Trimming can give your horse definition and keep it tidy.  While this is clearly important for shows, it’s also a good idea for day-to-day hacking and it’s a reflection of the rider!

The areas that usually require help are the feathers, jaw, ears, bridlepath and down the backs of legs and heels.  Trimmers are not call created even, so if you have a particularly hairy horse, please select carefully!  Most trimmers, however, will work for most horses.

When trimming you can either clip with or against the hair. It is best to trim against the hair under the chin and jaw area.  With the feathers, you can go either way, depending on how much hair there is.  You get a closer finish if you go against the hair.

Trimmers are very easy to use. They are lighter and more forgiving than clippers. If you are considering clipping your own horse but have yet to try it – give trimming a go first!   Please be aware that trimmers should not be used to clip a whole horse, unless it has very very short hair and you have a lot of time! Trimmers will not last if used for full clips.

Before trimming it is important to get off as much dirt as possible – ideally giving your horse a good wash and certainly a good brush.  If the trimmer blade hits grit or dirt (easily done in the feathers), this can easily blunt or break the trimmer blade.

There are a variety of horse trimmers on the market today.  Some allow different clipping lengths and speeds, others are strong and capable of clipping all dog fur too.  Here’s a quick summary of the best trimmers on the market today:

Lister Libretto: ideal for anyone with a Lister Liberty as it can run off the same battery and mains lead. This is one of the toughest trimmers, capable of clipping a dog and doing a full clip on a horse with short hair. A fantastic trimmer – more expensive than other trimmers, but for a reason!  When bought by itself it is £77.50.  Mains adapters and a battery pack can be added.

Sierra Trimmer: A cordless trimmer with variable speeds and cutting lengths allow you to do a really professional job.  It’s light and very easy to use.  This trimmer has been on the market for 4 years now, and word is beginning to get out.  It’s the best value trimmer on the market at only £44.99.

Liveryman Element: A very popular trimmer, that does the job. Light and comfortable to hold and reliable.  The price keeps sneaking up on this trimmer, but it remains one of the go-to options.   £74.99

Liveryman Classic:  This is the level up from the Element and very popular.  Again, there are no bells and whistles – just a good solid cordless clipper.  £92.99

Lister Tempo: This little trimmer is a great price and has won all sorts of awards.  It’s not gained the momentum we expected, but it gives a wonderful finish and is very very quiet.  £68.99


If you have any questions about horse trimmers, please give us a call: 01323 406212


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