Selecting the Right Horse Clipper

27 July 2017  |  Beth

Selecting the Right Horse Clipper


Choosing a horse clipper can be daunting.  You rarely get to try all the different clippers, and you need to consider the type of hair your horse has, how often you intend to clip, your hand size and strength and, of course, your budget.


We have been selling clippers for over 15 years and are one of the largest clipper retailers in the UK.  We have tried all the different brands and consistently find the Lister and Heiniger brands to be the most reliable.  Liveryman also have some good options.  We urge customers to have extreme caution with some of the other brands in the market place, which are often imported and not of comparable quality.


We have compiled a chart below detailing the specs of our most popular clippers.  Please be aware that the motor power can be misleading because the clippers have slightly different types of motor, which means a smaller motor doesn't always mean that the clipper has less power.  


Typically the more powerful the machine, the more noise and vibration produced.  With this said, all of the machines below are reasonably quiet and smooth and this shouldn't be a major part of the decision process unless you have a very sensitive horse.  


Things to consider are the weight of the machine and the power required for the horses you are clipping.


If you have any questions about selecting a clipper, we are always happy to help.  We can explain the different motor types, and help you decide which clipper will be most comfortable and easy to use for you and your horse.


Although we have a large selection of clippers, the ones listed below (just above the chart) are our most popular and are a good place to start.  


Small hands, clipping just a few horses with normal or short hair:  Lister Star, Heiniger Progress, Lister Liberty

Good all rounder clipper:  Lister Liberty, Heiniger Xplorer

Strong Hands, powerful clipper for all jobs:  Lister Laser 2, Heiniger Xperience

Cordless Clipper:  Lister Liberty, Heiniger Xplorer, Liveryman Black Beauty



We also have a selection of trimmers.  

Trimmers that may clip a whole horse, with 'easy' hair and a lot of patience:  Lister Libretto, Harmony Plus, Heiniger Saphir

Popular trimmers for tidying up your horse:  Lister Tempo, Sierra, Lister Libretto, Liveryman Element, Liveryman Classic, Heiniger Saphir

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